May 26, 2015

Mission Megha-Tropiques

The Project Main Steps


Three years after its launch, Megha-Tropiques satellite built in cooperation between CNES and ISRO, fulfils its mission successfully, which allowed to consider the two-year extension to serve the study of the climate.

The French-Indian Megha-Tropiques mission is dedicated to the study of the water cycle and the energy exchanges in the tropical atmosphere which contains a large part of water vapor of the planet. The main scientific objectives are to improve the knowledge of the transport and distribution of the water vapor in the atmosphere and the consequences on the energy budget in the inter-tropical regions, as well as to study the formation and the evolution of tropical convective systems. These data provide valuable information for understanding climate changes and better forecast extreme events in tropics.

More than three years of data with high quality are available and offer considerable scientific input. To meet users demand, the mission has been extended by two years which was made possible thanks to the perfect health of the satellite and SAPHIR and SCARAB instruments.