April 3, 2015

Workshop XCAL

May 23 and 24 in Toulouse

In the frame of the Megha-Tropiques mission, ISRO/CNES and NASA have signed agreement to share Megha-Tropiques data as part of GPM. GPM (Global precipitation mission) was designed by NASA from its inception as an international satellite mission to unify and advance global precipitation measurements to serve the word community by providing the best possible global precipitation data for research and applications. The GPM concept is based on using combined radar/radiometer data from a Core Spacecraft as a reference to inter-calibrate observations for other international instruments such as Megha-Tropiques MADRAS and SAPHIR instruments.

Thanks to the Megha-Tropiques satellite low inclined orbit, MADRAS radiometer data and SAPHIR sounder data represent a valuable interest to the GPM mission, in improving the sampling over the inter-tropical zone.

Under the terms of this ISRO/CNES/NASA partnership, CNES hosted on May 23 and 24th 2013 an inter-calibration workshop (XCAL meeting) partly dedicated to performances and calibration results of Megha-Tropiques sensors and first inter-calibration results. Presentations are available just below:

Thursday May 23rd

Nadia KaroucheCNESWelcome

Introduction Session

Rémy RocaLEGOSMADRAS and SAPHIR on board the Megha-Tropiques mission - Entering the GPM era
Arthur X. HouNASAGlobal Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission Overview & Status
Thomas T. WilheitTAMUGPM X-CAL objective
Erich Franz StockerNASAGPM PPS Data Status and Support to the PMM X-cal Working Group

SAPHIR Session

Nadia Karouche et alCNESSAPHIR Performances and Calibration results
Hélène Brogniez/Gaëlle ClainLATMOSEvaluation of SAPHIR calibration
Philippe Chambon and Jean-François MahfoufMétéo-FranceFirst tests and plan for SAPHIR data assimilation at Météo France
Thomas T. WilheitTAMUComparisons of SAPHIR with MHS on METOP-A, NOAA 18, & NOAA 19
J. R. WangSSAIComparison of SAPHIR & MHS Measurements Near 183.3 GHz
Andrea Santos-GarciaUCFRadiometric Inter-calibration of Microwave Humidity Sounders: MHS and SAPHIR

MADRAS Session

Nadia Karouche et alCNESMADRAS performances and Calibration results
Nicolas ViltardLATMOSMADRAS "calibration" activities at LATMOS
Eric DeferLERMAAnalysis of MADRAS Observations

Friday May 24th

MADRAS Session

Linwood JonesUCFTMI to MADRAS X-CAL Cold End Analysis
Wesley BergCSUMADRAS Results
Rachael KroodsmaUMIMADRAS Vicarious Cold Calibration Analysis

AMSR2 Session

MckagueUMIGPM X-Cal Results for AMSR2


Wesley BergCSUSSM/I vs. TMI Intercal

SSMI Session

Linwood JonesUCFFurther Analysis on TMI/SSMI Biases (F13 through F15)
Rachael KroodsmaUMISSM/I - TMI Inter-Calibration
Thomas T. WilheitTAMUSSM/I vs TMI Intercomparisons
Karsten FennigCMSAFFundamental Climate Data Record of SSM/I Brightness Temperatures -
Tim HewisonEUMETSATUpdate on GSICS and inter-actions with GPM X-CAL