April 3, 2015

Technical Expertise Center

MEGHA-TROPIQUES Expertise Center (TEC) enables CNES to ensure its technical expertise responsibility on SCARAB, SAPHIR and MADRAS instruments. This expertise is twofold. An instrument part: programming instructions and technical monitoring of instrument through housekeeping telemetry available. A quality of observations part: in-orbit validation and in-orbit monitoring of the geometrical and radiometrical quality of SCARAB, SAPHIR and MADRAS instruments observations as well as the associated products.

This expertise was provided before the launch of the satellite (validation of level 1 processing algorithms, formats, simulations, expertise tools chains tests), during the instruments in-flight commissioning (functional check of the instruments, instruments performances verification, products control, validation and optimisation of level 1 processing, supply of the level 1 chain technical parameter, ISRO expertise and support) and is ongoing in routine (instruments technological monitoring, instruments performances monitoring, possible supply of new level 1 chain technical parameter, monthly reports, data sustainability).

MEGHA-TROPIQUES Expertise Center (TEC)

ISRO (SCC and MOC/ISSDC) is in charge of the satellite programming, the operational monitoring of the instruments, the generation and the archiving of the level 0 and level 1 products.

MEGHA-TROPIQUES Expertise Center is in charge of the technical monitoring, the instruments performance and level 1 products quality monitoring, the support to the level 1 processing algorithms validation, the support to ISRO to provide technical parameters (on board and ground) and in case of anomaly, to support the investigations carried out by CNES.