July 8, 2016

Ground Segment

The Megha-Tropiques ground component is complex and extensive. It consists of a ground components aggregate having also other functions.
The data are collected by a network of three stations: Bangalore (ISRO), Kourou (CNES) and Hartbeesthoek (CNES).

  • ISRO is responsible for the mission centre, located in Bangalore, which manages the satellite and processes the raw data to Level 1 and then makes these data available to CNES.
  • The scientific processing above L1 is performed independently. Data are disseminated in India by MOSDAC and in France by the CGTD ICARE.
  • The CGTD ICARE is responsible for the dissemination of L1 and the production / distribution of L2 to L4 based on French Scientific codes.
  • SAPHIR NRT data (L1 DUMP) produced in less than 3 hours are distributed by EUMETSAT via EUMETCAST to meteorological agencies.
  • CNES, meanwhile, manages the programming of the stations (SER Operations and Supports for CNES Ground Station Network) and ensures the monitoring of SAPHIR and SCARAB instruments. It also monitors the instrument performance through level 0 and 1 (Completeness, data quality, etc.), which is the role of the Megha-Tropiques "Technical Expertise Centre".
  • The backbone for data transfers is a dedicated network with multiple links between ISRO, CNES, EUMETSAT and the CGTD ICARE. These are 2 Mbps links with optimization and compression to reach up to 8 Mbps. CNES is also responsible for the data network management.

La composante Sol MEGHA-TROPIQUES